Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guest Post: The 24 Types of Libertarian

(h/t Barry Deutsch)

The current economic malaise has brought all kinds of folks
out of the woodwork.

From out-and-out Marxists ( a la David Harvey) to the Tea Party
types, the extremes on both sides seem to be dominating the
debate these days. What they have in common, I'm afraid,
is being long on volume and short on solutions.

But nothing has been quite as remarkable as the steady march
of the GOP towards its "libertarian" roots.

In this vein, then, here is a "graphic" description of the "24 Types"
of "GOP supporters and libertarians" - the better so that we
can identify them should they try to convert us to their
way of thinking.

Here they are (follow the link):

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  1. Unfortunately I know a number of libertarians, and pretty much all of them fit a mix of the 24 truthy stereotypes. Most libertarians have big mouths and small minds. Many of them have anger issues and a raw desire to act violently like in a Mad Max movie world. This cartoon is great and very enjoyable to look at. I love mocking libertarians. It is also ironic that libertarians that support republicans are very similar to republicans; many republicans are for example snooty and condescending to the poor or the jobless or the black people. Many of these stereotypes also apply to the GOPers and the Teabag types. The "Tea Party" is more and more the SS of the GOP- the hardened idiots whose helmets protect them against MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and the President. What will be the helmet emblem; a giant Tea Bag with skeleton bones crossing below? A War Elephant? A Tea Elephant? They wear their racism on their sleeve and their fascist issue du jour on their sign. Most possibly the most agreeable and non-racist issue; End the Federal Reserve; actually a very noble cause. But what will replace it? The U.S. Mint? The "Government"? Hardly. Maybe a more GOP-friendly private money machine, sending money straight to the GOP, shutting democrats and "socialists" into permanent poverty, but likely "they" aka 'the losers' will end up in death camps set up by Tea Bag "Patriot Panels" who will sentence them to death for losing the civil war. for being patriotic and hating george bush, cheney, bp, and fox news. how ironic, to speak out against death panels only to create them later by starting a fight with the government. There was a giant report by the Washington Post, also one of those hated news agencies teabaggers loathe, that stated the size and inefficiencies of our new spy-industrial complex, full of SCIFs, armored vehicles of all types, and men in black loaded to the teeth with weapons. Maybe they should get to work on a little thing called the tea party, that anti-government thing that declares "Government is the problem" or enemy or whatever else rich fascists choose for them to say, and later do, so they can seize power once again. If it isn't enough, there are millions of idle Americans who are patriotic enough to put the tea party out of business and relegate it to the trash receptacle of history.