Sunday, July 4, 2010

David Harvey and The Crisis of Capitalism

(H/T Brad Delong's blog)

Every so often, something comes along in the blogosphere
that reaches out and grabs you to such an extent that
you just can't put it down.

And the short video lecture below by anthropologist and
"socioeconomist" David Harvey is one of those.

For those of you who haven't heard of Professor Harvey before,
he is Distinguished Professor of Social Anthropology at the
Graduate College of the City University of New York.
He has further made news as a leading theorist in the
emerging discipline of "Socioeconomics" - that is, that
economic events can be explained as much as a consequence
of social and anthropological norms as by mathematical
descriptions of "rational" behavior.

But, what makes his lecture fun to listen to is the unique
animation provided by the British Royal Society for
Animation that accompanies it.

Oh, and by the way, I need to warn you - Dr. Harvey is
a committed Marxist.

But if that doesn't bother you, I think you'll find that
his brief, 11- minute explanation of "The Crisis of Capitalism"
to be both cogent and comprehensive. And even though
The Thinking Nationalist is a firm believer in Capitalism
and Free Markets, I have yet to hear a better short explanation
of "What Happened To Us And Why" than this short piece.

Therefore, Dr. Harvey, the floor is yours:

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  1. The best possible video for an extremely true piece about the crisis of capitalism- the style is awesome and the material is even more so! I chuckled at you saying "oh he is a Marxist!" Very 1950's of you good sir. The truth is every civilized country that seeks some form of stability- preventing depressions that hurt- every country needs socialist/marxist/liberal policy of some sort. Even more importantly Keynesian economics needs to be declared the winner of the economic wars. Austrian Economics is a clear loser, except for the elitist organizations that run the world; UN-IMF-World Bank-Goldman Sacks-Secret Societies-Hollywood-Miscellaneous rich and powerful. More simply, Austrian Economics isn't just Austrian; its Wall Street-George Bush-Cheney-GOP-BP- EVIL POVERTY CREATING ECONOMICS!!!!!! No offense to the Austrians; most Austrians probably don't give a hoot about the economic theory that bears their name. Milton Friedman had nuggets of good knowledge but his best ideas weren't actually put into place but not enough time to elaborate.

    Only a certain kind of capitalism is worth preserving; a capitalism rich in Keynesian and Neo-Keynesian economics, in an international system where every country has a base level of socialist/liberal policy.

    If the UN does nothing else it should outlaw Wage Suppression make it as shocking as Iran and North Korea's nuclear program. and finally tell the truth about wage slavery.