Sunday, May 16, 2010

Immigration - We're All Arizonans Now


The last post on Immigration brought me more
e-mails and comments than almost anything else
I've written.

Obviously, the failure of the present Administration
to both secure the border and deal with the estimated
twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants presently
in the country has touched a raw nerve in this country.

And what are we doing about it?

With the brilliant exception of Arizona, we've decided
to do nothing, except turn a blind eye to the wholesale
violation of the border and murmur kind words about
the necessity of treating those already here illegally

Translation: The elites have decided. It is best to maintain
"open borders" - so we have the "right" sort of labor force,
and of course, since we can't deport ten to twenty million
people who have broken our laws, the only thing we can do
rationally is forgive them ... declare amnesty.

Here's faux-conservative Charles Krauthammer on the

And why Arizona? It's Ground Zero for the "Silent Invasion" ;
the uncontrolled flow of illegals into this country.

See the video below:

Illegal immigration is no longer a minor "labor" problem.
Add in the drug-fueled all-out insurgency now happening
in Mexico and the steady stream of migrants could become
an unstoppable human wave.

This isn't a "civil rights" issue, as some apologists
for illegal immigration want us to believe. Rather, this
is an existential threat to the territorial integrity of
the United States, and needs to be treated as such.

To cure the problem. we have to deal with two threats:
first, the migrant flow at the border, and second, the
"fifth column" of activists and apologists for illegals
in the media, in Congress, in academia, and yes,
in the business community.

If illegal immigration is brought under control, there
will be both winners and losers. The losers will include
the Democrat party, who will lose the electoral
advantage of another bloc-voting minority group.
The losers will include those sectors of the business
community, most notably agriculture, residential
construction, and hospitality, who have become
immigrant-dependent. And the losers will also include
the proponents of "racial identity politics", who have
become extremely powerful in the media, in Congress,
and in academia.

But the winners will include the Republican party
and the "Silent Majority" of Americans who pay the taxes
and foot the bill for the continuing failure at the border.
And if recent events are any indication, the "Silent Majority"
is remaining silent no longer.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's support has increased since
she signed the immigration law. And former Rep. J.D.
Hayworth, challenging incumbent amnesty-supporter
Sen. John McCain in the Arizona Republican primary,
has seen his poll numbers jump since the bill was signed.
And Sarah Palin has found both her voice and her footing
with her calls for a secure border and no amnesty, drawing
huge crowds in a joint appearance with Gov. Brewer.

On immigration, as on health care, financial reform, taxes,
and spending, institutional Washington and its apologists
in the media just don't seem to get it.

But, in November, when it appears likely that many of
them will be swept from office, our governing classes
just might start paying attention.

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  1. I am no fan of illegal immigration whatsoever, living for many years in a border state for years will prove that. Especially living in an indebted coastal border state the problem is worse than ever. The only real solution to illegal immigration is one that cracks down on businesses and those with right-wing ideas about wage slavery and cheap labor. To be fair, a solution that isn't race-based (doesn't crack down on Hispanics) should be coupled with a serious hardened fence, military deployed on the border for 10 years minimum with a massive increase in civilian border agency manpower guarding the border. To complete the solution to illegal immigration is one that declares hardcore zero tolerance for illegal aliens committing felonies, violent crime, and engaging in gang activity.

    However, that said, no solution will be tolerable if the solution lets Republicans win by defeating Democrats. To me, morally, it is like letting the Nazis back into power.

    To be perfectly honest, if the Diebold machines are set to Democrat and the politicians do whatever is most politically convenient concerning immigration (most likely DO NOTHING) I really couldn't care less. I would like immigration to be solved sans amnesty but most of those solutions are toxic to the Dems chances in November. That is a poison pill we can't swallow.