Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to The Thinking Nationalist

Greetings - and welcome to The Thinking Nationalist.

This is an online journal of Political, Economic, and Public Policy thought with a Nationalist perspective - that is, we focus on policy concepts and prescriptions that have a unique application to the American experience and future, as opposed to a more general or universalist perspective.

Implicit in this approach is the idea that the United States is a unique nation .... a nation bound together more by ties of shared ideals, shared culture, and shared traditions than more traditional "Nationalist" ties of shared ethnicity, shared language, or shared religion. As such, certain of the ideas and concepts we explore here will have a different applicability or relevance in a more traditionally Nationalist milieu.

Nationalism is, in our opinion, one of the key drivers of trends in the 21st century.

century will be marked by increasing national competition not only for scarce markets and resources but also for scarce living space for populations with both growing needs and growing expectations. Accordingly, then, nations that use political, economic, and public policy tools to develop and enhance national unity, ideology, and cohesiveness will have a distinct and decided competitive advantage over those nations that do not.

One caveat here ...this call for "A New Nationalism" is NOT a call for a racial or ethnically based vision of the American future and purpose.

Not only are such concepts morally repugnant to many, but they have also traditionally done very poorly in the American competition of ideas. In our opinion, appeals to racial or ethnic pride as a basis for a cohesive American sense of national purpose are likely to have the opposite effect - that is, they will retard the national competitive effort rather than enhance it.

And, in the American experience, citizens from other nations and ethnicities who have wholly embraced the American purpose and ideology while forsaking their former cultural and political loyalties have done very well, not only for themselves but for the American nation as well. The experiences of Govs. Arnold Schwartzenegger of California and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana come to mind. And, there are many other examples in all walks of American life.

In conclusion, then, welcome to The Thinking Nationalist ... and watch this space for future developments.

- Mike The Thinker

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