Monday, July 13, 2009

More On Sarah Palin


No sooner do I comment on Sarah Palin than the Nationalists's mailbox floweth over! Only one comment, but enough in the mailbox to know that Sarah Palin is still a hot topic to a number of people.

Herewith some final observations, then, and then it's time to move on

First, she's not clueless. The entire substance and timing of her announcement
indicates methodical planning. She ensured she would dominate the news cycle over a holiday weekend when things are normally at a low ebb. Also the place and manner was planned too ... instead of a conference room or auditorium, this took place outdoors...on HER turf, not someone else's.

Second, the publicity and comments, both supportive and critical - have accomplished a vital task - they've kept her in the news, and on terms that put her in control and on the offensive. There will be no more reacting to leaks about "ethics" or defending her children from the gibes of comedians such as David Letterman. Staying on as Governor would have kept her on the defensive side of the ball - and as a former high school and college athlete, she knows that's not where political or athletic contests are won.

Now she is free to take the field, mobilize her base (which is considerable), and make her and her supporters the predominant force in Republican politics. Right now, no one else even comes close.

Even if she does not wind up as a future Presidential nominee - she might well become the "kingmaker" who decides who does.

To address one last issue - when she was nominated, did I view her as the best qualified Vice Presidential nominee? No, I did not. But, I also looked over her resume and saw more executive and managerial experience than anyone else running on either ticket. Moreover, I saw she had potential - that with the right handlers, tutelage and message - delivered consistently - she could have routed her critics and made a bigger difference in the campaign. I also felt that while she would not have been my first choice, she was certainly better than some who have actually held the office (Quick - does anyone remember Dan Quayle?).

That Sarah didn't get the coaching and advice she needed is something I blame McCain's handlers for - having nothing invested in her selection, they decided not to help. But, she's having the last laugh on them. Long after both McCain and his advisers are gone from the scene, she'll be a factor in the Republican party.

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