Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maj. Malik Hasan Nidal: It was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Last Thursday, the world was shocked as Major Malik
Hasan Nidal, a Muslim Palestinian-born Army psychiatrist,
burst into a Ft. Hood TX troop processing center, shouting
"Allahu Akbar" with guns blazing.

Before he himself was finally wounded by a civilian Killeen TX
policewoman, this "good Muslim" Army doctor had killed
thirteen and wounded thirty.

Now, before we get all tied up in knots about "Why?", let's
get a few things understood.

This didn't have to happen. And the only reason it did
happen was because of two things we as a Nation must
hang our heads in shame for:

"Diversity" and "Political Correctness".

"Diversity" meant that this individual of suspect background
and loyalty was able to attend one of the country's least-known
but most highly-regarded military educational institutions,
the Medical College of The Armed Forces, on the taxpayer's dime.

This institution is highly competitive for admissions -
graduates of the Service Academies have to rank in the top 5%
of their classes AND have outstanding test scores to be admitted.
Graduates of civilian universities have to be equally outstanding.

You just have to wonder how much "diversity" and
"inclusiveness" figured into selecting this guy over someone
whose selection might have made the student body "less diverse".

And if "Diversity" opened the door for this homicidal shrink,
"Political Correctness" kept the authorities from catching him.

Here's what's known about Maj. Nidal thus far:

- He had problems "getting along" with colleagues at his previous
duty station, Walter Reed Medical Center;

- He had been "warned and counseled" about his aggressive
proselytising for Islam while on duty, which resulted in a
"poor" Fitness Report prior to transferring to Ft. Hood;

- He had openly attended a "radical" Mosque in suburban
Virginia, striking up a close friendship with a known radical
imam now in hiding in Yemen;

- He had openly spoken about the necessity of "jihad" and
"martyrdom" to his family and friends.

Yet, despite all of this, he was PROMOTED and sent to
Ft. Hood, to work with troops preparing to deploy to Iraq
and Afghanistan and to counsel returnees. Why?

Political Correctness.

In the Army bureaucracy, failure to "promote Diversity"
or be "Politically Correct" in making personnel decisions
can be a career-threatening move. So, better to just
promote this guy and move him somewhere rather
than investigate. Make it someone else's problem.

Well, it's just a little bit too late for that for forty-three
unlucky victims. But here are some things we can do
immediately to begin putting things right.

First, scrap "Diversity Training" . Replace it with
"Americanism Training". You can start by digging out
some of the old Frank Capra "Why We Fight" training films
from WWII and the Cold War for starters. You can bet every
other country in the world indoctrinates its soldiers -
why shoudn't we?

Second, scrap "Political Correctness" . Whether we like it
or not, we are in a Political War against Political
(as opposed to religious), Islam. And we didn't pick
this fight - it came to us on 9/11/01.

That means Muslims in "sensitive" positions - such
as military officers - should be watched, and suspicious
behavior reported and recorded. And if they "cross a line",
get rid of them - quickly and permanently. As in
summary detention or deportation.

And as for Major Nidal? Well, he had the ill-fortune
to survive his jihadist escapade. So, let's offer him a

He's a good Muslim, right? And doesn't like our laws
or society, right? So let's have the Saudis try him according
to Sharia - the Muslim legal code. They'll go along - they owe
us a few favors.

And he'll get what he deserves - a ten-minute trial - and
a public beheading after prayers next Friday.


  1. We should IMMEDIATELY ban political correctness in the military. except for one thing. Allow competent gays, but ban muslims. collectively, 9/11 and the Hasan episode are too much for this nation to handle. we just can't have muslims in the service. trust is too much of an issue and it would take too much effort to look over the shoulder of muslims who serve. if you are a non-extremist innocent muslim with nothing to hide you should happily go along with it instead of carping about "discrimination". sometimes discrimination is good, sometimes it keeps the country safe, PC dipshits.

    *** I support Japanese internment in WW2, FUCK YOU if you disagree, they were treated well and kept safely away from violence and it likely kept nutbars from doing anything bad ***

    This posting is 100% correct. We have a real serious dire problem, and I know as a person who has friends in the military. We allow all kinds of crazies into the armed forces, the fact we allowed in a guy with Hasan's terrorist background and ignored time after time obvious red flags is just blowing it HUGE and INEXCUSABLY. We should drum out several muslims from the armed forces as a start. Sadly, alot of them are critical jobs such as translation. We should just do a better job at training our own people so we can do it ourselves.

    Realistic dems and everyone should make their voices heard so this never happens again. Sen. Lieberman is opening up an investigation and he seems to be on the right track, staying away from PC nonsense. Kudos, Joe Lieberman.

    fantasyland liberals who just don't give two shits about the war on terror or the integrity of our armed forces have invented a narrative of PTSD BS. the ulterior motive is to excuse Hasan away and not only does it look bad IT IS BAD!!!!! War is hell and we should fight it the right way at all times, with BALLS! If you can't handle that, Fuck You! We are fighting in a weenie-like way in Afghanistan and that is a big reason why we are losing, but I disgress.

    The hopefully unwittingly pro-Hasan crowd can help the country out and SHUT UP about diversity and political correctness.

  2. oh yeah screw General Casey, the spokesman for weenies at Ft. Hood. He is a disgrace for excusing a mass murderer like Hasan.