Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Great Expectations" - The Nobel Peace Prize and Barack Obama

Yesterday, Oslo surprised and amazed the world.

In one of the most stunning developments of the year, the
Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee decided to award
the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama.

Both liberal and conservative reaction was mixed.
While liberals generally applauded the selection, they
were also puzzled in that many of the President's
Nobel-worthy initiatives - most notably, on peace and
climate change - have yet to bear any fruit.

Conservatives, on the other hand, had no such problem.
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck immediately seized on
the award as Proof Positive of President Obama's lack of

To conservatives, Obama's not one of us - a red-blooded
American. He's one of them - a soft, idealistic,
European Socialist.

But to this writer, there is nothing truly unusual about
the award. In fact, there are many reasons for it.

First, and most importantly, Obama is the Un-Bush.
To the Europeans, George W. Bush represented everything they
most detested about America; provincial, small-minded, ignorant
of the larger world, who compensated for his ignorance with an
"armed and dangerous" arrogance towards both his friends and
his perceived enemies.

But Obama - now, there at last, is an American President
who gets it. One of us. A man comfortable with policy
details. A man who prefers the solutions of technocrats
to the imperfect messiness of mere politicians.

And more importantly, he understands the grand
gesture - the great speech. Without great words of
inspiration and imagination, even the most necessary
and pragmatic actions fall short.

In other words, from the European standpoint, The
Perfect Nobel Laureate.

So what if he hasn't yet achieved anything? Look at Al
Gore - the 2007 Nobel Laureate. He made lots of grand
speeches about Climate Change - even wrote a book about it.
It doesn't matter that his policy prescriptions haven't been
implemented anywhere yet - he said all the right things
to all the right people. Style -that's what matters . Substance?
that's better put off for another day. We don't want to think
about that. Not right now.

And this tendency to reward good intentions rather than
good results actually suits Obama rather well. In the actual
arena of getting things done, he has shown a distressing
tendency to both temporize and compromise rather than
engage in tooth-and-claw combat for his programs and
beliefs. But now, thanks to the Nobel Prize award, he'll have
to change that.

He'll actually have to produce.

And if he achieves just a fraction of what he has set out to do -
achieve global agreement on climate change, settle the Israeli-
Palestinian dispute, and start on ridding the world of nuclear
weapons - he'll be worthy of the award.

And if he were to make a more lasting contribution - to
enact universal health care here at home and bring to
heel once and for all the global financial elites who
threaten the well-being and prosperity of all peoples, then
he'll truly deserve this award - and every other a grateful
world can bring him.

Truly, "Great Expectations".


  1. Honestly I couldn't care less what "conservatives" think- if they actually think. To me honest the real values of Freedom and Liberty are in Europe. Basically Obama wants those values to come back home but fascists get angry and knuckledrag. Most of America's tradition of freedom came from England. The UK has a Conservative Tory party; why can't Republicans be more like them? Because they have alot of hate and anger for anything European. Anything right wing in America has been poisoned by corporate fascism because of George Bush. Europeans, because of their historical experience, know fascism when they see it- and then they went on to hate George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Republicans. Basically the modern Right-Wing is pist that foreigners can see thru their propoganda and lash out accordingly. Interestingly enough, despite strident rhetoric that should repel non-whites and foreigners, there are notable exceptions to the mostly White American Right-Winger actuality. Michelle Malkin is a self-hating (she's a minority who wants to whitewash herself everyday but only to fit in her clique, just like in highschool. what a lark!) shrill bitchy bimbo who fills herself with fascist propoganda to spread to anyone who will listen. There is also Mark Steyn, a brainless asshole who has an axe to grind with his native Canada of all places. He goes on long diatribes against American Democrats, Canadians, and a hodgepodge of bogeymen to "beware of" with little care that he is aiding a new Fascist threat south of his country's border. Maybe Canada should revoke his citizenship and deport him to somewhere unpleasant if he hates his native country's politics, policy, and people so much! By the way, loving and tolerant Canada has a huge distaste for this closeted fascist. They do want him out, EH? Yes they do! Good luck Canada.

    By the way only extremist media of ill repute carry Mark Steyn, Michelle Malkin, and their ilk. We need to call them out more!!!!!!!!!

    To sum it up, the American Right Wing is fascist- and Fascism has a real tendency to get hateful, angry, organized, and worst of all, militant. Basically Anti-American. The Target is Democrats and Real Americans who hold common sense values. Honesty. Tolerance. Fairness. Compassion. Empathy. Justice. Peace. whoops I said the P word again! honestly facsists are very PC because they just Hate ANY mention of Peace! Right, because Halliburton and Blackwater are extremely important things, correct? disgusting SOB's have so much hate.

    Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize because he innovated politics by talking about Hope and Change. Obama introduced Hope and Change at a fun mixer and they hit it off and tied the knot! YEAH!!!!! Basically Hope needs Change and Change Hope. The One Rule of Hope and Change is:

    Change can only go in the direction of Hope. The GOP, or anyone else, can't bend change against hope because that is Evil.

    However, anyone with a moral compass and a high enough IQ knows and believes that.

  2. First, I quote from

    "That Nobel Peace Prize: Bashes Bush, Handcuffs Obama
    "He won what?" is the universal first reaction.

    And second, at least on the Right: "Why did they do that?"

    Thorbjørn Jagland, Chair of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, proudly displays a picture of President Obama.
    Even the Nobel committee's citation does not pretend Barack Obama has actually achieved anything. Rather, it was given to him "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." That's efforts, not achievements.
    Reading carefully through the entire citation suggests that Obama is being celebrated for two reasons. Its chatter about "a new climate," the United Nations, a "vision of a world free from nuclear arms," and "great climatic challenges" points to his being the anti-George W. Bush.

    Second, the prize committee hopes to constrain Obama's hands vis-à-vis Iran. It lauds him for not using force: "Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts." This is obviously gibberish: whereas Bush did not use force against North Korea, Obama does not rely on dialogue in Afghanistan. But the statement does pressure Obama not to use force in the theater that counts the most, namely the Iranian nuclear build-up."

    Second: the political correctness of the Nobel Prize is apparent through this. Not much noble in Nobel!